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Dizzy Poetry I – The Obliteration

There is a certain beauty to heartbreak that many artists fail to capture once they try. A balance between emotion and rationality, the end of an old chapter combined with the beginning of something new. A melancholic gaze into the distance. Up and coming Artist Flemming Bassedow manages to embrace this beauty in the release of his first downtempo EP, while still maintaining a captivating rhythm that positively encourages to dance and reminisce all the same. His unique voice carries away and lets you levitate while losing track of time, sending the mind on a journey to 4 am festival sets or melancholic train rides. An intriguing mixture, this EP will do both, make you cry and move in ecstasy. Big things are to be expected from an artist that has been watching the game for years, and only recently decided to step into the spotlight.


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